EP Grain Cleaning

Providing Eyre Peninsula farmers with a quality grain cleaning and seed treatment service.


Mobile Grain Cleaning Machines

We have 2 mobile grain cleaning units, mounted on the back of trucks so we are able to come to your site to provide our services.

Grain Cleaning

Our units have the ability to clean wheat, barley, oats, canola, peas, beans and lupins and provide you with a better quality product to deliver to the silos.

Seed Grading and Treatment

We provide an on site seed grading and treatment service to ensure you have a high quality seed that will germinate efficiently at seeding time. We can take care of your chemical requirements as well as conducting the seed grading for an efficient service that saves you time and money.

Why clean and dress your seed?

Cleaning and dressing your seed is the only way to ensure you begin the season with a product that will produce high yields. Many people don't realise that seed cleaning and dressing can increase yields substantially and considering the high costs associated with chemical applications in broad acre farming, why would you want to risk not having the best quality seed to germinate right from the beginning? EP Grain Cleaning is able to help you improve your yields and therefore maximise your profit.